Cricket World Cup 2007 Cricket Rules Setting a Field




Cricket Rules - Setting a Field

If your team has a bowler who can a tight line and length just outside off stump, then it's possible to set an off-side field to reflect this. With seven fielders on the off side, it's very difficult for the batting side to score runs. But this field can only be set for a very accurate bowler. Anything on middle or leg stump will be worked away to the empty leg-side and will provide easy runs.

Leg-side field

Bowling to a leg-side field is usually seen as a defensive move. But it can be used to stop the flow of runs, particularly against a batsman who's especially strong through the off-side. Using a deep square leg could mean the fielding side will try and tempt the batsman with short-pitched bowling that could be pulled or hooked in the air.

Attacking field

With three slips, a gully and a short-leg all up in catching positions, this is an attacking field you're most likely to see at the start of a Test match. The bowler needs to bowl an attacking line on or just outside off stump. The field can be made more attacking by moving the mid-on into either fourth slip or point.

Defensive field

A defensive field is often used if a team is conceding too many runs or if a bowler is struggling to bowl a regular line and length. This field will limit the batsmen's run-scoring opportunities. By having cover on the boundary on all sides of the ground the chances of the batting side scoring boundaries is limited. But with only two close catchers the chances of taking a wicket are slim.

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