Cricket World Cup 2007 Cricket Rules One Day Field- After 15 Over




Cricket Rules - One Day Field- After 15 Over

Once the first 15 overs are up, the fielding captain only needs four players inside the circle, including the bowler and wicketkeeper, when the ball is bowled. This means they can spread the field to protect the boundaries and save those precious runs. But it's not as easy as that. The fielding team is only allowed a maximum of five fielders on the leg side, so if you're bowlers are spraying the ball all over the place, you're in trouble. The two opening bowlers will bowl roughly five to six overs each, leaving them a few at the end when the pressure's on.

But it's when the second and third string bowlers come on that the field REALLY starts to spread. These are usually batsmen who can bowl a bit but are prone to deliver a few gifts. So for safety, a captain will usually push mid-on, mid-off and mid-wicket right back onto the boundary. They also have the option of a deep point or square leg, depending on how quickly the batsmen are scoring. The off-side field will be spread too with a deep cover sweeping the boundary for drives and cuts. And both mid-on and mid-off will be pushed right back on the boundary too. So there's plenty of quick singles on offer for the batsmen to keep the scores ticking over. But they're after the big runs - and the gaps between deep cover and long off as well as deep mid-wicket and long on are the main targets.

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