Advertising on Clothing and Equipment



Cricket Clothing

Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, sweaters, caps, hats, helmets, wristbands, headbands, sunglasses or other headgear.


Cricket Equipment

Bats, pads, boots, shoes, gloves (batting or wicket-keeping), thigh pads, arm guards and other visible protective equipment.


National Logos

the symbol/crest/colours owned by a Country which are used at the national emblem and/or for marketing purposes.



subject to clause 2.12 (a), in relation to any item of Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment a manufacturer shall be any entity carrying on the business of both:



manufacturing or procuring the manufacture of the Cricket Equipment or the Cricket Clothing of the type in question and



supplying it from readily available stock


Commercial Logo

for sale throughout outlets of several kinds to members of the public in a country which is a Member of ICC, with the aid of published price lists and catalogues, and with profit as its main aim.
An entity not otherwise within this definition shall not be a Manufacturer for the purpose of these Regulations by reason of its being associated in business with, or a company in, the same group of companies as the Manufacturer.


Manufacturer's Logo

shall mean the corporate name and/or business name and/or trade mark (including any logo/symbol) of the manufacturer of the item of Cricket Equipment or Cricket Clothing in question.


Commercial Logo

the corporate name and/or business name and/or trade mark (including any logo/symbol) of an entity which is the sponsor of a series, event or team, excluding the manufacturer of the product on which the logo is displayed.


Event Logo

the symbol/name of an event, which may be inclusive of the commercial logo of the series sponsor or event sponsor.

House colours

the colour or colours (without wording or a logo) used by a manufacturer to identify its products.

National Logos

A Country may display its national logo or a non-commercial logo, the size and placement to be determined by ICC Regulation on shirts, sweaters and headgear. The host Country may request the visiting Country to wear a non-commercial event logo providing reasonable notice is given, and providing the visiting Country's commercial logo requirements are met in terms of number and position.

Commercial and Manufacturers' Logos

1. Policy


A Country may place up to two commercial logos on its players' shirts as follows:
For a home series - either two logos of its team sponsor, or two logos of the series sponsor, or one logo of both the series and team sponsor, or one logo for each of the two team sponsors.
For an away tour - two logos of its team sponsor; or one logo for each of two team sponsors.


A visiting team shall not display a commercial logo on any article of clothing or equipment which conflicts with the series sponsor or event sponsor of the host Country.


The host Country shall give notice of the identity of its sponsors at least 60 days in advance of the start of a tour. In the event of potential conflict between the host Country sponsor(s) and visiting team sponsor, the host Country shall have the final say in determining whether a visiting team's sponsor logo is permitted to be worn. However the host Country may, at its discretion, permit a visiting team to display a commercial logo in non-international matches which are not sponsored by the host Country's series sponsor or event sponsor.


A visiting team shall abide by any law in the host Country which restricts advertising of a product. No compensation shall be payable should a visiting team be precluded from displaying its team sponsor logos on players shirts and/or sweaters, and a visiting team shall not pursue any action against the host Country.


The host Country shall not require a visiting team to wear a commercial or event logo of the event/series sponsor on its players' shirts and/or sweaters without the consent of the Board of the visiting team. There shall be no obligation to give such consent, but if it is given, the visiting team must forego the use of one of the two logos of its team sponsor allowed on the shirts and long sleeved sweaters and the one logo allowed on the sleeveless sweater.


Any commercial logo on clothing shall be decided by each Country and shall be common to and worn by each member of the respective team. No individual commercial logos shall be worn by any player.


No logo shall be permitted to be displayed on Cricket Equipment or Cricket Clothing, other than a manufacturer's logo, a commercial logo or an event logo as provided in 2. below.

2. Parameters of permitted advertising


 Shirts (excluding T-shirts)



Two commercial logos to be permitted in two of three positions the chest, the sleeve and the collar. These logos may be either:



two logos of the same sponsor



one logo of each of two sponsors


Each Commercial logo shall measure a maximum of 7.5 square inches either:


a rectangle (not to exceed 7.5 square inches with no single dimension smaller than 1.5 inches)


a square (2.75 inches by 2.75 inches) or


a circle of 3 inches diameter


In addition, one manufacturer's logo, being the logo of the manufacturer of the shirt, measuring a maximum of 4 square inches, with no single dimension smaller than 1 inch shall be permitted on the opposite sleeve to he commercial logo.




Any T-shirts worn under a players on-field shirt shall be plain white, or where coloured clothing is used, shall be the same plain base colour of the on-field shirt. No visible logos are permitted on T-shirts.




Two commercial logos to be permitted on long sleeved sweaters, one on the chest and one on the sleeve. One commercial logo to be permitted on sleeveless sweaters, on the chest. Such logos to measure a maximum of 7.5 square inches as defined in (2.1) above.




One manufacturer's logo maximum 2 square inches, on the front of the trousers between the waist and the knee.


Shoes, Boots and Socks


Shoes and boots to have predominantly plain white upper, tongue (inside and out) and laces. Soles to be predominantly white, off white, tan or natural leather in colour. Manufacturer's logo or house colours on the sole will be permitted on approval of ICC. Maximum of two manufacturers' logos, each no larger than 2 square inches, one of which must be on the tongue. Stripes only to be on the back two-thirds of the shoe or boot with a maximum of two colours, a maximum of three stripes, each stripe a maximum of a quarter of an inch wide. Socks to be white or light grey only - no logos.




One manufacturer's logo (either logo or brand name) only on the front of each pad - maximum 4 square inches on either instep, knee roll (outside) or above knee roll (outside). Predominantly white, no coloured piping is permitted above the ankle strap of the pad. Permit house colours on inside top of pad.




one manufacturer's logo on one of the pad straps per pad, maximum 4 square inches. Discreet use of house colours are permitted on each strap.


Batting Gloves


Must be predominantly white on the protective area of the glove. Discreet use of house colours permitted. One manufacturer's logo on the back of each glove - a maximum of 2 square inches. Use of house colours on wrist bands is also permitted providing wrist bands do not exceed 2 inches in width.


Wicket Keeping Gloves


Two house colours on back to be permitted plus manufacturer's logo on back (2 square inches maximum). No logos on front of glove.


Thigh pads, shin pads and other body protective equipment and T-shirts


No logos to show through clothing.


Headbands/Wristlets/Sunglasses/Sunglass Bands


Headbands and wristlets to be plain white only (coloured headbands and wristlets permitted when coloured clothing worn). No logos.




one manufacturer's logo permitted on the frame, either left or right, but not on the front - maximum 0.5 square inches. No logo permitted on the lens or on the band, which must be single colour only.


Arm Guards


Plain white only, including straps. No logo or house colours permitted.


 Helmets (including earpieces), Caps and Sunhats


One manufacturer's logo only - 2 square inches on the back or on one side, but not on the front. No logos permitted on earpieces.





Only a manufacturer of cricket bats may display its symbol/ name/ trademark/ model brand/ house colours on the bat. A company which is a manufacturer of Cricket Clothing and other Cricket Equipment as defined above, but which is not a manufacturer of bats shall not be permitted to place its logo(s) on a bat.



Front of bat - two manufacturer's logos only.
One logo to display the manufacturer's name or logo not to exceed 7.5 square inches. The other logo to display the bat model name, not to exceed 4 square inches. These two logos can be seperate or placed together. House colours are also permitted.
The two logos and house colours must not exceed a combined total area of 20 square inches, and must be placed within the top 9 inches of the face of the bat, measured from the center of the top of the face.



Back of bat - one manufacturer's logo only to display the manufacturer's name or logo, not to exceed 7.5 square inches. A logo displaying the model name is not permitted.
House colours to be used to a maximum of 50% of the whole area of the back of the bat, inclusive of the one permitted logo - no model name permitted.
Statutory wording (when required) to be placed on the back of the bat - discreet design only subject to relevant statutory provisions.



Edge of bat - no logos or house colours permitted, except that where house colours are used on the front of the bat, they may be continued to the back within the limitations in (a) above.
No fluorescent colours permitted whether for lettering, logos or house colours.

3. Training Clothing

a visiting team shall not display a commercial logo on any article of Clothing or Equipment which conflicts with the series sponsor or event sponsor of the host Country.
No training clothing (i.e. tracksuits, sweatshirts, branded T-shirts, etc.) to be worn by players on the field during the hours of play, including any player acting as substitute fielder or twelfth man.
Players will be expected to be in blazers and/or white cricket clothing for the toss of the coin. Official authorised team training clothing, i.e. tracksuits, tops and bottoms, may be worn for any televised interview or any promotion, during or post-match. Further, such official team training clothing may be worn at the end of a day's play for any presentations, interviews, etc., providing that all players are attired similarly.

4. Stumps

Two logos of the series/event sponsor only, in one colour lettering only on transparent background. One logo to be placed at the front and one at the back of each stump. Two manufacturer's logos are permitted to measure no more than 2 inches x one inch, to be placed near the top or at the base of each stump.


Up to two commercial logos may be displayed on umpires' shirts, sweaters and coats on the chest or sleeve. Each logo shall measure a maximum of 7.5 square inches in the same proportions as for logos on players' shirts. In matches where ICC has entered into a sponsorship of umpires, only the approved logo of the sponsor may be displayed. In any other match, the decision on whether to permit commercial logos will rest with the home country. No variation in size, number or position from the above is permitted.
There shall be no manufacturer's or commercial logo permitted on hats or trousers. Footwear and sunglasses shall comply with the regulations relating to players.

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